Travel With Care

As a responsible tour operator, we prioritize sustainable tourism for the benefit of our travelers, planet, employees, and stakeholders. Our efforts include responsible decision-making, investing in local destinations for job creation and prosperity, and reducing emissions from our hotels and air travel.

We launched a new ESG strategy in 2022 to guide us towards the most sustainable business practices possible, positioning us as a leader in responsible travel.

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Sustainability work at Sunprime Coral Suites

At Your Hotel

Our definition of sustainable hotel operation is that we, in our daily work, every day, strive to minimize the water and energy consumption and to reduce our waste.

All our team members in the reception, housekeeping, kitchen, restaurants, technical department, and other departments, regardless of the title and/or background see this as a part of our daily work.

Tips For Travellers

Join us in making a difference during your stay at our hotel. Together, small steps create a significant impact. Here are some tips for your contribution:

  • Turn off the lights, unplug the charger and turn off a/c by removing the key card from the slot whenever you are not in the room.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Re-use your towels and bed linens more than one time.
  • Enjoy your shower but remember to save water by turning of the taps when using soap and shampoo.
  • Use the recycling stations around the property and recycling bins in your room and remember to take your plastic items with you from the beach.
  • Batteries and other electronic waste can be recycled via the reception.
  • Enjoy good food in the buffet. By thinking about portion sizes and only taking as much food as you need you will help us to reduce food waste.
  • Explore the surroundings. Use local transportation, rent a bike, or walk instead of calling a taxi.
  • Be a local. Use the opportunity to learn about local culture, try local food and learn some words in the local language.
  • Responsible Guest Guide - Travelife .

Travelife Gold Award

Travelife is an international sustainability certification that promotes sustainability in the tourism sector.

Our hotel have received the Travelife Gold Award and this certification is regularly extended following an intensive audit every second year. We are actively working with environmental and sustainability issues by following Travelife’s comprehensive criteria with a checklist with a total of 163 requirements.

Community Engagement & Contribution

Our hotels are deeply involved in local communities, providing accommodation, opportunities for exploration, and venues for meetings. We also play a vital role as employers and supporters of local businesses.

With over 60 years in the tourism industry, we actively engage in various projects and contribute to the local economy. We believe in supporting local organizations and community initiatives, such as food donations, blood drives, and beach cleanups.

2022 we started collaborations with both Save the Children and World Animal Protection.

World Animal Protection

In 2022 Nordic Leisure Travel Group implemented a new animal welfare policy with a special focus on ending the exploitation of wild animals in captivity where the purpose is entertainment for tourists.

We believe that wild animals should be experienced in their natural environment. We also entered into a partnership with World Animal Protection. Together with them, we want to ensure that animals do not get hurt in connection with our activities at the destinations we travel to.

Read more about World Animal Protection here.

Sustainability work at Nordic Leisure Travel Group

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