Services & prices

Express and Super express laundry, contact the reception.

Currency Exchange service is available at our Reception, here you will also find the current exchange rates.

If you would like to have late check-out,ask in reception after 17.00 the day before your departure if possible at a cost of 30€ until 20:00 or 45€ after 20:00.

Welcome Package including flowers, fruits, snacks, beer, wine and water can be booked in the Reception for the price of 36€.

Customers can send SMS to call center, and will receive the answer within 1 hour between 08:00-20:00. If you send a sms to call center after 20:00 you will get the answer the following day after 09:00.
Telephone numbers:
Ving Sverige: +4670903204171
Ving Norge: +4759415526
Tjäreborg: +3584573950672
Spies: +4521846941